The Wolf’s Bane

Venom of suggestion

There are so many plants that are harmful if consumed, they might look like berries, mushrooms, or in the case of wolfesbane, small little gnome hats. The good thing about the plant is that it is so unmistakable. You won’t mistake it for something that it isn’t like you can so easily do with mushrooms or other plants.

Since we don’t consume these types of plants it is also something that doesn’t feel familiar. But nonetheless the wolfsbane is something that plays a role, or is at least acknowledged in many cultures around the world.

You will even find it used in certain types of Chinese medicine.

Though in the western hemisphere is it known for the dangerous properties that it possesses. Its use in fiction, Harry Potter as well as modern and historical accounts of its use have kept the plant alive as it were as a part of our shared cultural heritage.

The name comes to us from the original Latin name Aconitum.

There are a wide assortment of names that could be used but it is Wolf’s Bane that sticks in the memory of many. Its no wonder, something so terrifying sounding can be so memorable.

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