The Rustic Home by Ralph Kylloe

Ralph Kylloe takes a fascinating look into the different options we’re given when it comes to decorating for a country ambiance. At the same time though it gives you a look into some of the different aspects of the lives that are forefathers lead, and how they lived. I think that even if you aren’t interested in styling your home with ideas you’ll find in the book, the look into the aesthetics of their lives is absolutely fascinating.
The Rustic Home explores the mythical and romantic West through the architecture and artistry of its residents. This unique new book reveals how rugged old cabins, settler shelters, and mountain shacks have influenced and shaped modern Western architecture. Today, homes of the West reflect the passion, aesthetic, and history of the places that made the West the ultimate destination it is today: Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, the Teton mountains, and the Redwood forests. Kylloe’s luxurious photography reveals how the West’s rugged environment has influenced modern architecture with romance, lore, passion, and history. Take a visual vacation into the heart of the West to explore how homes are incorporating that romance today!

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