About. This is it right? That part, when it comes to telling something about yourself. A little look through the sliver of an open window. Those types of brief glimpses that are supposed to tell you everything you need to know. Everything that you should want to know about the person who’s site you are now browsing. This creates a two-dimensional picture of the person pieced together from fragments of the unknown.

Where there was at best a one-dimensional image you now have a fuller, if not still flat representation.

But where does the third-dimension come from?

Not from the feeble ramblings of an about page. A page that is here only to show the reader what they are supposed to see. The true exposure to the person writing the pages comes on the words that are written. So I ask you not to base your opinion merely on the words from the about. Instead take a look through pages and step through the window.

You are now entering the den of Wolfsbane.