Back of Beyond

My Country Life

Country for me is more than a geographical definition that means: districts and small settlements outside large towns or cities.

Some people will tell you that there are certain things that they could never imagine, for me that would be giving up my country home. There are far too many benefits to living in the country that make it too appeal of a habitat for me.

Still, I am able to understand the city dweller who finds it just as hard to imagine like in my world. And that is what they are, two separate worlds on the same rock. And they might not even be that far way.

One of these city dwellers happens to be my sister.

After she decided to continue to college the draw of the city was all but impossible for her to withstand. And once they started to work toward her medical degree the thought of returning home to be the small town doctor was unthinkable. This is where are worlds diverged, because when I returned home, and it wasn’t too soon, I knew that the right place for me was the place I had always been.

About a year or two ago the country that I love so much has been making an ever more present appearance in the mainstream media. I would call it rustic boho in that it takes elements of the rustic charm that we know from the country and gives it a little bit of that bohemian spin. You could see this in Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and bouquet, but there are other examples. You just need to look at the inspiration for fashion, home decor, and the current taste in music.

Artists like Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, or Blake Shelton.

Never, the less the merging of the different aspects of rustic with modern pop culture has created a blend that I hope stays around.

The rustic boho look that appeals to me so much is something that is in my opinion a major benefit for the urban city dwellers out there. So much in fact that my sister even comments about it when we talk on the phone.

There is something about the rich, lush, and even enchanting nature of country life. And it is this character that is in demand today in the hectic world of modern life.

I for one am pleased that I didn’t have to wait for it, that I was able to enjoy it throughout my life, and that others have discovered the charm and beauty that can be had from simpler things in life.

These are all things that you can have when you dare to step out of the ordinary, the world that you know, and enter the back of beyond.