Bohemian the New Rustic Wedding

I think that one thing people tend to forget is that a wedding, no matter the type is still at its heart, a wedding. People will look at other peoples plans and make their opinions about it, and what usually gets forgotten is that these are the plans for two people who intended to get married and that should not be taken lightly.

Bohemian weddings are a thing, and they mean something to the people that celebrate them in the same manner that your’s did for you.

I should hope that you wouldn’t take a rustic wedding with boho trappings lightly. A wedding is a wedding, it doesn’t matter if the bride walks down the aisle in heels, cowboy boots, or even flip flops. A wedding is a wedding. And that is something that should be taken serious under any circumstance.

But what is this rustic boho wedding? What does it mean to get married country style?

That is what I wanted to explore today. That is what I wanted to explore and shape an opinion on. And in so doing I would like to give you a feeling for how I see the world that I live in and maybe you can see how it will benefit you. If not I hope that it is at least entertaining if not informative as well.

So what is this rustic wedding thing?

Well to me it is just a wedding. But that can be expanded into something that is more clearly defined. Don’t worry it isn’t nearly as complicated as I am making it out to be. In fact, it should be one of the most natural things on earth. After all, at its heart it is a celebration of love.

A rustic boho wedding is one that takes the different aspects of these two cultural movements and combines them into one that is as charming as it is warm.

What to Expect

When you get invited to a wedding that is intended to embody the two styles it can be difficult to imagine what you will be met with when you arrive. Rest assured however that it will embody many of the traditional wedding structures that you would expect and adds a couple new ones that you may not have experienced before.

There are three key factors that you will notice when you go rustic boho and I will cover them shortly. But before I do, I will stay this. I think it is long overdue that the whole wedding scene opened up a bit. A wedding is about union, your family with mine; friendship, we can all get along; and about a goodtime. Which is what the average guest may not expect, but hopes for none the less when they attend a wedding. I’ll come back to that last point in a bit.

  1. A Rustic Boho Union
    • All weddings, no matter where, no matter when are about union. And while the definition of this union is something that may shift, a wedding is a coming together.
    • Families become bigger, what was once two becomes one. And that is a moment that should be celebrated. When you celebrate with those that are closest to you you are given a unique opportunity to cement a bond that should last a lifetime.
    • Country weddings aren’t the secret sauce that holds marriages together, but they last longer than weddings held in other parts of the US.
  2. A Time for Friendship
    • Not only is a rustic boho wedding a chance for you to join with family, but one for friends as well.
    • It is important that you have a chance to share your joy with them as well.
    • Friendship is a blessing that should be cherished.
  3. An Opportunity for a Goodtime
    • But once you have finally taken that walk down an aisle that feels much longer than it is. After you have said I do to the only person you could imagine ever making that amount of commitment to and are pronounced man and wife the real fun begins. Or at least it should.
    • A wedding is a chance for you to enjoy the company of your family, to dance the night away with a group of friends, and to enjoy the moment for what it is.

Of course there are plenty of different reasons you would choose this type of ceremony and reception. But I will only say that due to the nature of the rustic boho wedding you may find it less stress educing to plan and organize.


Simply because they are simpler in almost every respect.

The Fun Wedding is a Rustic Boho One

The majority of the time when you get invited to a wedding you will open the envelope and pull out the invitation and think, well here we are. But where are we? I forget where I saw it, maybe it was the Morning Show on Fox8, but I can’t say, that had a segment about weddings. And they interviewed some random people about the prospect of attending a wedding. About half of the people weren’t so excited. For one they saw it as an expense. And for that I can agree, raising a family comes first and shelling out for a wedding gift can sometimes be hard. But the vast majority of those polled just didn’t find them that fun to attend.

It might have felt like a formal chore that needed their attention, but whatever the reason they just weren’t that excited.

That tells you something doesn’t it?

It tells me that a lot of people, especially with these mega event weddings that are being held right now just aren’t as fun as they could be. And well, I will be honest, that is understandable.

The more that we put into these weddings today, the less fun comes out.

This might seem counterproductive, but it also makes some sense if you stop and think about it. A wedding isn’t primarily about fun. It isn’t about the decorations, gown, or food, thought you might feel that it is. A wedding is about the union of two souls into one. And that doesn’t have to be a grand old time, but it sure can be.

I think that that is the main reason that the trend toward rustic bohemian has taken hold.

The focus is on the important part, but the theme is toward fun.

A boho and rustic both offer you a chance to relax. And that is a good thing if you want to offer your guests a goodtime, one that they can remember, one that they will appreciate.

Because the emphasis isn’t one how your dressed, what the guests will eat, or complicated seating arrangements. It is about the couples’ matrimony, and that doesn’t require a lot of fancy trappings.

A very good thing when you ask me.

Where Does Rustic Begin and Country End?

A good question. And if you have read my blog you will know the answer.

I think that the desire to strip the country out of the rustic is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. The main reason for this is because the two aren’t mutually exclusive. They are on in the same that can’t be placed on a scale and measured out. This simply is not possible.

Though it sounds complicated I really don’t think that it is.

One example that works well is the rustic country invitations you will often find for this wedding theme. The thing that you will notice that when they are done well they will be both, and the start and the end is nowhere to be seen. That is to say that if somebody said that they were having a country wedding the invitations would just be just as fitting than if the person had said rustic instead.

So what can that look like?

The answer is it can look like whatever you like.

And that is something that anybody who is planning a wedding loves to hear. I have heard so often from young brides, busy planning, that they feel like they need to fulfill certain criteria. That isn’t true.

You need to do what you love.

By choosing the things that mean the most to you, that reflects a part of who you are, and gives your recipients a chance to see both your invitation is the perfect fit. I understand your concern. That may seem like a lot for an invitation to do. But in all honesty they can and will do that for you when you make an effort to find the right card. And you don’t get concerned when they tell you it is country, rustic or anything in between.

I am thrilled that we’ve been given this chance. This great opportunity to host a wedding the way we see fit. It gives you the unique ability to put the things that you hold dear to the front while focusing less on the things that might seem important to others.

Of course your country rustic wedding invitations might not be for every bride, but then the same bride would not likely be celebrating a rustic boho wedding.

And that is fine.

But you’re free to style your wedding however you like. And you have been given a chance to do it just the way you want.